Metal Fab Products, Inc.

Metal Fab Products was founded by Charles E. Laughlin, SR. in 1952.  Charlie first started in a shop west of Odessa owned by his close friend Bill Tennis.  Charlie was given one end of the shop to operate his first shear.  Charlie eventually took over more than his share of the shop, which led him to move to the current location at 715 W. 81st.  This location was originally an old trucking yard with one small metal building which still remains as part of the existing shops. Since then we have expanded our facility with over 80,000 square ft. of buildings.  In September 1995, Metal Fab Products, Inc. was purchased by Jerry "Pepper" Parsons who is presently operating as president and general manager.  Pepper with over 35 years experience, realized the potential of Metal Fab Products, Inc.  He worked to expand the product line and upgraded the machinery to service the oil field industry as well as diversify to the needs of commercial customers in Midland- Odessa and surrounding areas.  Metal Fab Products, Inc. provide a wide range and variety of equipment to perform all your metal fabrication needs. We are your one stop fab shop.

FMS Laser Cutting

Stores and retrieves: Up to 3.3 tons / shelf
Number of shelves: 10 for a 5' x 10'
Serves: Up to four lasers
Unloads: 3 unload options
Special features: PC line controller for ease of use, flexibility, & minimum manpower.  State of the art laser cutting.  Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials and thickness with close tolerances of +-.005.
The FMS capabilities allows us to produce your parts 24/7 for faster delivery times.


WaterJet Cutting

Servicing Midland, Odessa and surrounding areas.

Exclusive HyperPressure™ Technology allows you to

cut faster, lower your costs, and increase production.

And, our advanced Dynamic Waterjet® XD allows you to produce the most accurate parts faster with bevels or in 3D.

This system configuration incorporates a design that combines the motion control, pump and high-pressure components into one compact machine.

It consumes minimal floor space, provides excellent operator access, and is configured for easy material loading and unloading. Work envelope: 4.0m x 2.0m (13.1ft x 6.6ft)


Accuracy (+/-) 0.001" per 3 ft*
Repeatability (+/-) 0.002"
Speed Up to 500 ipm


Cnc Press Brake

This computer driven Cnc Press Brake is the latest technology in bending parts ideal for both long and short run part repeatability.  Windows based, touch screen control provides for transfer of tool setup data, bend sequences, and 3D simulation between control and network server.  Accurate, high speed 5-axis back gauge reduces positioning time and easily handles staging of complex parts.

Press Brake

Maximum Tonnage

88 U.S. tons

Bend Length

102 inches

Maximum Stroke Length

7.87 inches

Open Height

19.7 inches

Throat Depth

16.3 inches

Distance Between Housings

86.6 inches

Ram Repeatability

± 0.00004 inches


Cnc Turret Punches

Reduce labor cost and increase production. Cnc turrets allow complex setups to be made and run with the end part being more accurate and cost effective.


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